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About cycling bus tour

With the cycling bus tourI carry a bicycle with a sightseeing bus, and "a cycling bus tour" is a tour of a good totally new style, by the way, to enjoy cycling of the scenery.
It runs by itself by bicycle to the meeting place of Tokyo and moves to a meeting, a sightseeing bus with a privately-owned car and a train to the loading destination.I assemble a bicycle at the roadside stations close to the destination and start cycling and enjoy it in an aid station on the way afterwards in spite of being a water and free lunch tray. After having sweated comfortably, I relax slowly in a meal and a hot spring.

I load the bus inside of car loading space with the buffer materials such as blankets whether the bicycle which I took loads it with an exclusive loading kit [during patent application] which I developed originally in the trunk of the bus. The tour staff performs the loading of the bicycle.
Because there are a saddle and a case such as having you remove it when I do not fit into the loading space by the height of the type and the saddle of the bicycle of the visitor, please understand it beforehand.
In loading, please take off the previous rear wheel. The wheel which you took off can be contained in the wheel support to prepare for in us, and, please let me load it. I accept the individual loading using corrugated cardboard in pay (1,500 yen).
*Specifically, please refer to a flow of the bicycle loading.

During cycling, a supporter accompanies a visitor for the cause of a tour conductor or the cooperation of Cy-Q Co., Ltd.to join cycling, a cycle, and, please let me help troubles. Not the mechanic which is specialized in (*) becoming within the help joins insurance for the accident of the emergency of all of participation again to the last. The insurance contents look at an FAQ site.


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