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The guidance before the application and attention

On Kokusai Kogyo cycling bus tour participation, I read the following instructions carefully, and, please apply after having agreed.

1.Please refer to an FAQ site listing in WEB for the conditions about application for tour, participation by all means.

2.Please let our staff and sightseeing bus crew handle the baggage such as the bicycles of the participant of (during transportation at the time of loading, loading and unloading) under tour running enough with caution and do it, but, please understand it beforehand when the damage such as the theft of the emergency, the damage occurs because you become within the compensation that following we join.

3.On the cycling bus tour, domestic travel accident insurance and a trip join compensation insurance (*) for the accident of the emergency of all of participation in particular. The compensation content is as follows.

(*) Travel agency article, insurance to compensate it based on the special compensation rule

[insurance insuring contents of domestic plan trip (cycling tour) of Kokusai Kogyo]
Death, physical impediment insurance ---- 2 million yen
Hospitalization insurance day's sum ---- 3,000 yen
Going to hospital insurance day's sum ---- 2,000 yen
Liability insurance amount of money ---- 50 million yen

[trip special compensation insurance]
Death, physical impediment compensation insurance ---- 15 million yen
Hospitalization ex gratia payment ---- 20,000-200,000 yen
Going to hospital ex gratia payment ---- 10,000-50,000 yen
The baggage compensation insurance ---- 150,000 yen (immunity from responsibility amount of money 3,000 yen)

It is a limit for 100,000 yen about one baggage, one set or one pair
About the reference) bicycle, the baggage compensation insurance becomes the 100,000 yen limit about one.

4.About the use of this tour privately-owned car parking lot for discount
As a privilege of the privately-owned car user, I sign on discount at the contract parking lot around the meeting place, but there is the case that is not available depending on the empty situation. In that case, please understand it beforehand because you will have you use the parking lot of neighboring other parking lots (there is no discount contract). In addition, parking accidents become the self-responsibility about every damage.

5.It is principle rainy weather decisive action. Please refer to this for the approximate standard of the running right or wrong of the tour.

Agreement matter
Having I confirm the trip condition book of this tour and the instructions mentioned above and agree to a condition and an administration method.
Being careful on tour participation health care accident ten minutes, and there being no trouble mind and body together.
During tour participation, I pay enough attention to bicycle operation and process this in responsibility of the self when an accident occurs by any chance, and agree to the compensation in within amount of insurance upper limit that a sponsor joins.
Having it cooperate during a tour that a tour is carried out according to the instructions of the sponsor safely.

*All the participants, please sign a written oath of the same contents which they sent beforehand on the tour day. On the occasion of an application, please participate after understanding enough.

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[Tour Date] On Sunday, December 22, 2013, it is Saturday, January 18, 2014
[Price] 8,980 yen /1 lunch, hot spring bathing is with it
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