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Participation report

Lake September 17, 2012 Monday (holiday) running Yamanashi, Fuji 4 course

The weather of the day clears. In Shinjuku that went by way of on the way although left Tokyo on schedule at half past 6 for a traffic jam from a plan 25 minutes late came to leave it. In front of the Fuji view hotel of the starting spot, I arrive approximately on schedule. I assembled one's bicycle, and put preparations away, and the participant started after taking a ceremonial photograph all at once.
The course of the Lake Fuji 4 became the third, but was able to finally watch Mount Fuji blessed with weather slightly this time. I had I offered water and a light meal in an aid station in the Shojinko on the way and nourish it. A course of the setting is almost run the whole course of at the Fuji view hotel of the goal spot by all the members, the safety. I had you enjoy curry and bathing of lunch in a hotel afterwards.
The return fell into a traffic jam, but returned leisurely while watching a DVD movie in the inside of car. Participants very thank you.

I assemble a bicycle

Taking a ceremonial photograph

It is cycling in a shore

I run towards a goal

It is come by Fuji view hotel

Lake Sunday, August 19, 2012 photography Yamanashi, Fuji four course
Than the sightseeing net that there is no bus tour [Fuji Five Lakes] that the bicycle carries in Mt. country of Fuji (full HD picture)
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