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Bicycle loading method

I click [and spread]
The bicycle loads almost one trunks pace with by eight with an exclusive loading kit [during patent application] which we developed originally. In addition, the loading in the car uses the buffer materials such as blankets. At a wheel cover, the frame cover beginning, I prepared for various buffer materials and enabled the loading simple safely of the bicycle.

box I accept the individual loading using corrugated cardboard.
Please order you like beforehand. (paid 1,500 yen)

Flow of the bicycle loading

1.Please receive equipment (wheel cover / freaka bar / frame cover) for bicycle loading than the reception desk staff. A free cover, the frame cover are in the wheel cover.
wheel cover

2.In own, please take off a previous rear wheel respectively.
*Ask the staff about the one where does not understand the way.
3.Please attach a frame cover to the part which the gear chain of the frame hits.
wheel cover
4.I have you fit a freaka bar in the gear part of the wheel, and, please put away the wheel of the previous rear wheel in a wheel cover each.
wheel cover
5.The staff will load a fixture of the bus loading space sequentially.
The staff, please fix the steering wheel in magic tape.
wheel cover

*Because you remove a saddle when I do not fit into the loading space by the height of the shape and the saddle of the bicycle or there are cases to have you lower it, please understand it beforehand.
*The visitor of the use can just load a packing bag by bus.
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